Que sera, sera.

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Who knows, you have an itch? Maybe I can scratch it. Enjoy


No, they are from a book :)

Just a little something to help us all along the way


. I wear a nightgown, does that count?!

Well a lot of the yoga classes I attend are driven by the spiritual community so they are donation based! Before that I did many studios which had a student discount for monthly unlimited and since I went so often it ended up being $3 a class.


Darling, you’re wonderful! Thank you!!!

I bought my dress on sale at a cute tiny boutique in Paris, so I suppose that says that I tend to gravitate towards things that are more unique/ less likely to be a more widespread style.

I would definitely recommend some vintage dress stores. There is a wonderful one I keep seeing and meaning to stop by but never do on Main St. I’m going to look up the name for you.

It’s called Paris 1900 I believe, the dresses look gorgeous so please tell me what you think if you stop by! From what I’ve seen from afar they seem to be into fine detailing/elegant gowns. 

If you give me a more specific style/ price range that you’re interested in I can narrow it down more for you and help you find stores around LA/online that would be geared towards that.

I hope you find more than what you’re looking for and feel like a queen in your dress my love!!!

Today Abby, Addison and I went to a store where they sell tibetan buddhist candles and chakra incense. We hiked Temescal canyon at sunset. My roommate made a body scrub for us out of honey, brown sugar, and lavender oil.
I am so complete.

Thank you Spring.


why am i only motivated to sort my life out at 4am

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